[SOLVED] What Does Spooling Mean On A Printer & How To Fix

Imagine you are rushing to your printer for printing and the device begins spooling all of a sudden! This is a status update that you may never want to receive from your printer.

If spooling sounds new to you and you own a printer, this article can save your moments from getting ruined!

In this article, you will get an understanding of what spooling is, the reason behind printer spooling, and handy ways to mitigate this problem.

What is Printer Spooling?

Printer spooling is an important process. When you print a document, the printer presents status updates in various instances. In accordance with the printer speed, spooler (a dedicated program) orders jobs and feeds data for printing. The spooler arranges computational jobs in a queue and limits waiting time based on the internal algorithm of the printer.

In a banking institution, the administration instructs to print a pile of copies containing the same information such as blank checks (for which these check printers are recommended by us). The memory pool of the printer gets filled with the necessary data and the spooler arranges the operation. The latter instructs to copy and then print papers which is a good feature to have in these best color printer for teachers.

In the absence of spooling, the user is expected to instruct the printer to perform every job and this can be time-consuming at the end of the day. It also deviates from the actual purpose of a printer. Due to loads of data processed by a spooler, it is also called a batch processor.

But wait, a spool is expanded as simultaneous peripheral operations on-line. As long as the spooling mechanism works on your printer, you are safe. Otherwise, it is going to cost time and money. Every organization connects more than one system to a printer and encourages it to perform operations in one go. When the spooling function does not work, the user may have to manually instruct and operations may be in the queue for a longer time than expected.

Is spooling good or bad?

Going by the working system of printer spooling, you must have realized that spooling is good and much needed for the printer be it a cardstock printer such as these ones or any other printer. There is also a range of benefits due to printer spooling.

  • It is possible to send a series of documents to printer and one does not have to wait for the printer to complete the existing task. In other words, the printer becomes a cache or a buffer storing the desired set of operations.
  • It is possible to alter the operation of a specific job. If you are accessing your printer through Windows, you can select open all active printers and then print or pause or cancel the remaining print jobs.
  • Printer spooling improves the efficiency and organization of jobs. Primarily, the waiting time reduces and the system does not remain congested. Jobs get fulfilled at a rapid pace.
  • Every user can simply click the Print option and move on with the next job. This time-saving feature is the extraordinary benefit of the spooler.

Gone were the days when users need to instruct it on every operation! The latest ones are enhanced with rich functionality including spooler mainly to reduce human involvement and burden such as in the case of sublimation printers that use dye.

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Reasons for slow printer spooling

Sometimes, it might either be stuck or print jobs slowly which doesn’t happen in these 11×17 laser printers. This can be due to the malfunctioning of the spooler function in the printer. There are many reasons for this to happen.

  • Your device might run out of storage space. The key to managing every device you own is to ensure the availability of space. Be it a computer or any other peripheral, malfunctioning due to low storage space can result in last-minute frustrations.
  • When you are printing multiple large files, the operation can slow down temporarily or jam entirely.

Printers are lately manufactured with internal spooling applications mainly to automate the processes. Sometimes, the application can malfunction resulting in a slowdown. Irrespective of the exact reason, printer spooling can affect the life of your printer and you need to act quickly.

Solutions for printer stuck on spooling

If you ask us a handy solution to address the malfunctioning of the spooling program, we would suggest a few easy ways and you can choose the one that suits your need just like our other guide on how to connect printer to mac.

Solution 1

If you are using your computer or laptop to access settings, follow these simple steps.

  1. Open the command prompt in your system (cmd.exe).
  2. Right-click the command prompt option and choose ‘Run as administrator’.
  3. Type the keyword – “net stop spooler”.
  4. Press Enter.
  5. If the operation is successful, you will receive a notification stating ‘the printer spooler service was stopped successfully.’
  6. Now that the spooler service is set to restart, it should not begin printing pending jobs. Go to Windows\system32\spool\PRINTERS and then delete printing jobs. You may have to delete only entries and not the entire folder.
  7. Type the keyword – “net start spooler”. Press Enter.
  8. If the operation is successful, you will receive a notification stating ‘the print spooler service was started successfully.’
  9. Close command prompt.

This is by far the easiest way to restart the stuck print spooling function on these best 3d printers for miniatures.

Solution 2

Another method to address Print Spooler malfunction is as follows.

  1. Press Windows key and R and type services.msc.
  2. Open the entered command.
  3. Under the Services section, find the ‘Print Spooler’ option and then check out the status of the spooler.
  4. Right-click on print spooler and then select Properties.
  5. Choose the Dependencies tab and enable services like HTTP service listed under it.

As soon as you enable related services, you can find that the print spooling function works normally.

Solution 3

The third method is to reinstall the driver.

  1. Press Windows Key + X.
  2. Choose Device Manager and a dialog box opens.
  3. View devices. Check the option – show hidden devices.
  4. Find the name of your printer and then right-click on it.
  5. Choose Uninstall.
  6. Restart PC.
  7. Reinstall the driver and start your print jobs.

Solution 4

One last way is to downgrade the Microsoft Office version.

  • When the Microsoft Office option is upgraded and not meeting the operational capacity of the system, it can result in spooling malfunction.
  • Simply downgrade the Microsoft Office version.
  • Delete pending print jobs meanwhile.
  • Restart the spooling service and printing will work successfully.

Quick hacks for printer spooling

To ensure a long life, you may have to follow a few quick hacks.

  • Never print too many larger documents in one go as this can jam any printer.
  • Never print in a jiffy. The notion of the spooling program is to listen to the needs and operations of various devices and then print information. When too many users use the service and all of them are working in a hurry, it can collapse.
  • Ensure that the it is not overloaded with devices. The best idea is to connect with the optimum amount of devices using wifi and then print one by one.
  • Load the sheet for printing so that the spooling service does not stop halfway.


Managing the spooling service of your printer does not take much time and effort. Every user needs to understand the function of spooling and enhance the  efficiency regularly so that it never needs your help due to a breakdown or delay in job completion. Also, if you are looking to upgrade your printer, make sure to check out our printer buying guide before you get one.

Begin the printer-hygiene habit today!

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