How to Restart Print Spooler on Different Versions of Windows

Spooling refers to a Windows process that temporarily holds to-be-used data and sends it for printing as and when the printer becomes available for printing. The document or data initiated for print is known as a print job, and that is queued in the print spool if several print jobs are being sent at once. Technically, the acronym print spooling stands for simultaneous peripheral operations online.

You may want to manually restart print spooler, especially if you encounter local print spooler service not running error on Windows computers. Yet again, there are instances, where you will want to prevent spooler service from processing queued print jobs to the printer. For instance, what if you have unplugged the printer prior to the completion of printing, and plugged it back on only to find spooler processing the enqueued documents and printouts coming out unexpectedly?

How to Restart Print Spooler Manually on Windows 7

Those are the kind of situations, wherein users will want to stop and start or restart print spooler service. There are two ways to do that.

Through Windows Services List

  • Press and hold down the hotkeys Windows and R
  • Type msc in the Run command box, and press Enter.
  • In the window that appears next, scroll down to find Print Spooler.
  • Right-click on Print Spooler and choose StopStart, or Restart as required.

To troubleshoot the spooler not running error, choose Restart option. Click on Stop and Start spooler to prevent the spooler from processing print jobs sent to the printer, and to save pages.

Using Command Prompt

  • Click on Start button and search for cmd
  • From the search results, right-click on exe and choose Run as administrator from the popup menu.
  • Click Yes to confirm opening Command Prompt
  • In the dialog box, type net stop spooler and press Enter to stop the spooler. Likewise, to start spooler service as and when you require it, type net start spooler command on the command box and press Enter.

You can apply these settings on other versions of Windows too following similar steps. Now that you know how to restart print spooler manually, you might execute it as per your needs. Contact printer service professionals if you want to know how to troubleshoot spooler related issues on Windows.

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