How to Fix Printer Spooler Error on Windows PC

Print spooler is a software program on Windows OS that manages all print jobs sent to the connected computer. It helps users prioritize print jobs as per printing needs.

Several errors associated with the spooler may happen once you initiate print from the laser printer or its printer driver thereof. They may comprise of:

  • Print jobs listed in a long queue;
  • Documents or other types of data in the printer spooler getting corrupt and the software failing to translate it into a printable format; or
  • Failure of printer spooler service due to the software or the PC crashing midway through the file transfer.

In all these cases, you may need to know how to fix printer spooler issues on Windows in order to resume productive printing.

How to Fix Printer Spooler Error on Windows PC

Prior to proceeding with advanced troubleshoots for the same, try rebooting the system and retry print. The error message on computer will prompt you to do this at first, although it may not always work on Windows PC. However, you should perform a system reboot in order to eliminate other causes – ensure to save the to-be printed documents prior to rebooting.

Common Printer Issues

It is likely you may have to reset the printer spooler to clear errors. Resetting the printer spooler will clean the print queue and may even help remove any errors associated with the spooler. For that,

  • Close software programs from which you tried to print.
  • Launch Start on desktop and navigate to Administrative Tools.
  • In the menu, double-click on Services and choose Print Spooler from the drop-down list that pops up on the screen.

Search and find it by pressing Ctrl and F keys simultaneously in order to avoid scrolling down the list.

  • Once you find Print Spooler, right-click on it and choose Stop.
  • Then, navigate to My Computer, open C:// Drive and double-click on Windows.
  • From that folder, go to System32 > Spool > Printers. Remove all the print jobs in Printers
  • Now go to Services folder, search and find Print Spooler, right-click on that and choose Start.

When done, try to open the software program you closed previously and retry printing the same digital file as usual to see if the printer spooler error on Windows PC is fixed. If not, contact a printer support technician for advanced troubleshooting.

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