How to Fix Error Code 0xEA in Epson Printers

Epson makes quality printers of all types, which find use in many offices and homes. Their printers are relatively affordable, deliver quality printouts, and last longer. However, every once in a while, a user may stumble into the odd printer issue, which may be caused by a variety of reasons including use of the wrong kind of paper.

Error code 0xEA is one of the common problems with Epson printers. The problem usually occurs when care is not given to the way the packaging materials are removed. It is just as bad as when the print spooler keeps stopping for no reason, but luckily, the fixes for this issue are simple, and work 6 times out of ten. The root of the issue is either packaging material jamming the cartridge caddy, or misplacement of the cartridge inside the printer which typically doesn’t happen in these best printer for printing envelopes.

Method 1: Remove the Jammed Paper

If there is any packaging material left inside the printer, this will need to be completely removed, with care. After that, it is important to see if there is any paper jamming the machine. For that, open the printer up and take a good look inside. Ensure that there is not any paper, tape or materials stuck to the inside. Make sure the cartridges are sealed in properly just like in these best wireless printer for chromebook.

Method 2: Reseat the Cartridges

Slow Printing Problems

This should help in case the above method did not do anything to resolve the issue of error 0xEA, which is worse than when the print spooler keeps stopping. After you remove the packaging materials from inside the printer, you should reseat the cartridges.

  • First things first, the printer needs to be turned off. Only after this should you take all the cartridges out. Inspect them thoroughly to ensure none of the packaging material is on them. If you find nothing, reseat the cartridges before checking them again.
  • Turn the printer and see if the error shows up this time. If not, you are in the clear, and can start using the machine to take printouts for your home or office purposes.

If the above methods did not solve the problem for you, it may be a good idea to call a printer support technician. An experienced professional can resolve error 0xEA in a short time, and will be available 24×7 to help you with any other such printer problems as well.

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