Print Spooler Service Not Running

Printer spooler is a software program on Microsoft Windows OS. It works using multiple system files stored on the hard drive of the computer for single or continuous printing. Print spooler manages the print jobs sent to the printer server connected to a network or the printer directly from a computer. Print spooler enables the user some control over the queued printing tasks running in the background of Windows PC.

Users can either discard a print job or set priorities if many printouts are to be taken from the network. When the user initiates printing of documents, spreadsheets or anything else the hard disk stores the output and the print spooler feeds the soft copy to the printer. It manages more than one print command and feeds the info to the printer when the previous print job is completed.

Print Spooler Service Not Running

Print spooler functions its job fine most of the time but there are instances when it fails to work on Windows. Trojan viruses that target printer spooler will corrupt the system registry where the system file is stored. Other causes of print spooler service not running error include the driver of the printer getting corrupt, any issues with the system files or data errors on Windows registry.

Usually, print spooler service not running issue occurs when users give the print command on their computer in more ways than one. It may with a prompt to restart the system or it may not come with a reboot prompt and merely show printer spooler won’t or can’t start. It may also show as an error message during the printing process.

In order to help the user get printouts, printer spooler may even tell them to start the service and retry printing again. Unlike most of the hardware problems of the printer, the printer spooler not running on Windows can be resolved remotely. Users will want to take printouts and for that getting rid of the underlying causes is important. Knowing the ways in which the errors occur on Windows and the prompts it gives the user is equally important to troubleshoot print spooler service not running issues.

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