How to Fix Printer Spooler Error

The increasing reliance on printers in offices and homes has made it necessary to keep them running without any failure. Putting aside the possibilities of any mechanical failure, the other area where any errors are likely to crop up is in the printer spooler. The print spooler is essentially a program that manages communication between the printer and the computer. It manages all the print jobs sent to a directly plugged printer or a networked printer. Any errors in the printer spooler can interfere with the communications between the printer and computer resulting in the failure to produce printouts.

How to Fix Printer Spooler Error

The primary function of the printer spooler is to keep all your documents in queue so that they can be efficiently printed one after the other. Errors in the spooler can interrupt this process and cause your printer to fail printing. Mostly, a printer spooler error is indicated by an error message that indicates that the spooler has failed. For how to fix printer spooler error, there are several methods such as restarting the spooler to immediately clear of any issues.

Clearing the spooler error involves going into the services.msc in the run option in Windows. By setting the startup type of the printer spooler service to automatic, it will enable it to start automatically when you restart the computer. The other method is by manually restarting the spooler and then executing the print function again. This will restart the printer and clear any simple errors that prevent the queued documents from printing on these cheapest 3d printer.

However, these methods are largely ineffective if the issue is complicated and the spooler and drivers are corrupted. In such cases, it is important to rely on a professional printer technician who can identify the spooler errors and clear the issue by carrying out the necessary reinstalls or repairs of the vital printer programs. This can fully clear the issue so that your printer will maintain its proper communication with the computer through the spooler.

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Issues with the spooler can become complicated if it is caused due to corruption of the program or any other causes. Attempting to reinstall or repair the spooler using third party software cannot fully resolve the issue. In such cases, you can rely on our expert printer tech support service to resolve the spooler error and make your printers function more efficiently whether in your home or office.

Our qualified technicians have with them the necessary know how to deal with spooler errors. They have at their disposal various standard programs to debug the spooler and printer drivers and clear of any errors that cause them to fail. Get in touch with us to rectify any of your printer spooler errors so that you can quickly restore the normal printing abilities of your home or office printers.

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