TOP 8+ Best Printers for Chromebook in 2021 [By Experts]

Chromebooks are a great alternative to PCs and Macs for those who want a minimalistic user experience and the best integration with Google Apps.

However, since they’re less popular than PCs and Macs, you may face hardware compatibility problems when connecting devices like printers and scanners.

Luckily, there are many printers out there compatible with Chromebooks. However, not all of them will deliver the same level of user experience. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the best printers for Chromebook so you can pick the one that best suits your needs!

Top 3 Best Printers for Chromebook

Budget Friendly Best Overall HP Envy 5055
  • High Quality Prints,
    Works with Alexa
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Budget Friendly Runner Up Canon PIXMA iX6820
  • Wireless Prints,
    Excellent Ink System
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My Choice For Multipurpose  Canon TS5120
  • Impressive Resolution, 
    LCD Screen
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8+ Best Printers for Chromebook

1. HP Envy 5055: Best Overall

The first Chromebook printer on our list is the HP Envy 5055, an extra-special printer combining functionality, affordability, and economical running costs into one package. Being an all-in-one printer, the Envy 5055 has scanning and copying functionalities, sparing you the need to buy separate devices. 

What’s more, this printer has a 2.2-inch touchscreen display that makes it easier for you to execute commands and mess around with the printer’s settings. However, it doesn’t have an automatic document feeder (ADF), which is a bit of a letdown.

The Envy 5055 features a printing speed of 7 ppm for color and 10 ppm for black, which is pretty decent for an inkjet printer at this price. Additionally, it supports automatic duplexing for effortless double-sided document printing.

Furthermore, the printer utilizes an individual-cartridge ink system, which not only provides supreme color accuracy but also saves you money by allowing you to replace each cartridge separately when it runs out of ink. 

On a side note, the HP Envy 5055 supports HP’s Instant Ink service, which provides you with discounted ink cartridges delivered at your doorstep whenever your printer’s ink levels are low.

When it comes to connections, the HP Envy supports USB and Wi-Fi. You can use either of these connection methods to connect the printer to your Chromebook, and you should be good to go within a few minutes. Moreover, with HP Smart App, you can print from or upload to cloud services like Dropbox and iCloud with a few taps on your smartphone’s screen similar to these best 3D printers under 200$


  • Scan and copy functions 
  • Fast-drying ink
  • Self-healing Wi-Fi
  • Works with Alexa
  • Supports automatic duplexing
  • Compatible with HP Instant Ink
  • Supports cloud printing and uploading


  • No ADF
  • No memory card reader

Bottom Line

The HP Envy 5055 is an excellent all-in-one printer for Chromebook that supports wireless printing and HP’s flagship ink-saving service to make sure you save on running costs.

2. Canon PIXMA iX6820: Premium Print Quality

Our runner up is the Canon PIXMA iX6820, a wireless printer that’s all about print quality and color accuracy, boasting a 5-color ink system that provides high color accuracy and consistency when printing photos and black text documents. 

What’s more, the PIXMA iX6820 integrates the FINE print head technology that supports a whopping resolution of 2400 dpi, ensuring that your prints come out crisp and noise-free.

Not to mention, the iX6820 is capable of printing at a maximum printing speed of 14.5 ppm, which is quite good for an inkjet printer. Thankfully, the PIXMA iX6820 also has a built-in 150-sheet ADF to enable you to scan multiple documents or photos in the blink of an eye similar to these best 3d printer under 500

And suppose you tend to forget to shut down your printer. In that case, you won’t have to worry about that with this one since it features an auto power on/off function that automatically turns on the printer whenever you need to print a new document and also shuts it down when it’s not in use.

The Canon PIXMA iX6820 supports USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi, giving you several connectivity options to connect it to your Chromebook. On top of that, you can print over cloud printing services like Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print.


  • Excellent ink system
  • High print resolution
  • Wireless printing compatible
  • 15-sheet ADF
  • Works well with cloud printing services
  • Auto power-on function
  • Compatible with Alexa


  • No LCD 

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a wireless all-in-one printer that can print photos at an outstanding quality, the Canon PIXMA iX6820 might just be the right printer for your Chromebook.

3. Canon TS5120: Best Design

Next up on our list is the Canon TS5120. Just like the previous printers, the Canon TS5120 won’t only print your documents but also let you scan and copy them. What makes this one stand out is its state-of-the-art matte black design that naturally blends into any contemporary decor.

When it comes to print quality, the printer flaunts the Fine Hybrid ink system that ensures uncompromising color accuracy and smudge-free prints. Furthermore, it can print some pretty impressive borderless photos, making it ideal for printing art prints and flyers.

At a printing speed of 40 ppm, the Canon TS5120 is arguably one of the fastest color inkjet printers that you can find on the market. 

There’s also a built-in 2.5” touchscreen display that enables you to adjust the settings according to your preference and even make some quick commands. What’s more, this printer has an automatic power on/off feature that kicks in automatically whenever you need to print a document.

Adding to the convenience, the Canon TS5120 supports automatic duplexing, which makes double-sided printing a breeze.

For printing options, the Canon TS5120 can print over USB and Wi-Fi. Additionally, it supports printing via cloud services like Apple AirPrint 2. You can also use Canon’s PictBridge App to print from your smartphone or tablet right away if you prefer.


  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • Cloud printing
  • Features a 2.5” LCD screen
  • Auto-duplexing
  • Fast printing speed
  • Compatible with Alexa and Canon PictBridge App


  • No memory card support
  • Subpar paper tray

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a beautifully-designed all-in-one printer that won’t let you down in terms of functionality, the Canon TS5120 is worth taking a look at.

4. Brother MFCL2750DW: Best For Black & White Prints

If you’re seeking a reliable Chromebook-compatible mono printer for your office, the Brother MFCL2750DW could be precisely what you’re looking for.

With an input paper tray capacity of 250 sheets, the Brother MFCL2750DW makes the process of refeeding your printer much less of a hassle. What’s more, it supports Amazon Dash Replenishment Service that lets you save up on ink costs in the long run.

Functionality wise, this Brother printer boasts a maximum printing speed of 36 ppm, so you could print as many documents as you want in a relatively short time. And for extra time-saving, the built-in automatic sheet feeder empowers you to scan multiple documents simultaneously without having to feed each of them separately.

In terms of connectivity, the Brother MFCL2750DW can print via Wi-Fi, USB 2.0, and Ethernet, and you can use any of these options when connecting it to your Chromebook without experiencing any hiccups. 

On a side note, the MFCL2750DW has a built-in NFC chip, making mobile printing as convenient as ever. All you have to do is tap your NFC-enabled smartphone on the specified area on the printer, and your documents will be printed right away.


  • Large input paper tray
  • Fast printing speed
  • Wi-Fi support
  • Built-in NFC chip
  • Has an ADF


  • Can’t print in color 

Bottom Line

The Brother MFCL2750DW is a cost-friendly monochrome printer for Chromebook that makes a great addition to your home office and could save you tremendous time.

5. HP OfficeJet Pro 9015: Most Versatile

The HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 can spike up your home office’s productivity with an impressive set of functions and connectivity choices. There’s literally nothing that this printer can’t do, which is why we’d confidently call it the most versatile!

Since it’s an all-in-one printer, the OfficeJet Pro 9015 can print, scan, copy, and fax your documents. On top of that, it sports a 35-sheet ADF that makes it easier for you to scan all of your documents with a single click.

As for printing speed, the 9015 can print as fast as 22 ppm for black and 18 ppm for color, which should be fast enough for most users. It also has a separate photo tray, which is much more convenient than having a single paper tray for both plain and photo paper.

The OfficeJet Pro 9015 is compatible with the HP Smart App that makes grouping tasks and monitors ink status a breeze through your smartphone. Another area where the Officejet 9015 shines is security. With built-in encryption, strong Wi-Fi security, and document protection, rest assured that your confidential documents are safe. 

On the connectivity front, the Officejet Pro 9015 supports USB and wireless printing. Using cloud printing services like Wi-Fi and Apple AirPrint is also an option if you need to use them. It’s worth noting that the Wi-Fi driver has a self-healing function that ensures a consistently stable wireless connection.

Moreover, the printer is equipped with a 2.65” color touchscreen display that enables you to print directly from a USB drive without even booting up your Chromebook. Finally, this printer works with Alexa and Google Assistant, enabling you to execute commands with your voice. 


  • Affordable
  • Features auto-duplexing
  • 35-sheet ADF
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Decent printing speed
  • Excellent security features
  • Compatible with HP Smart App
  • Supports Wi-Fi and cloud printing
  • Supports USB drives


  • High running costs

Bottom Line

With an ADF, auto-duplexing, scan and copy functions, wireless printing, and voice controls, there’s nothing out there that comes close to how versatile the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 is.

6. Epson EcoTank ET-2720 : Best For Ink Saving

If saving up on ink costs is a priority for you, then the Epson EcoTank ET-2720 should be at the top of your list when shopping for a printer for your Chromebook. 

Unlike other inkjet printers, the Epson EcoTank ET-2720 integrates a refillable ink tank that can help you cut down on ink costs drastically. What’s even more impressive is that you get two years’ worth of ink right out of the box at no extra cost! How cool is that?

Refilling the ink tanks is easier than you think. All you have to do is take out the Epson Ecofit ink bottles and refill each of them with their respective color. The ink bottles are placed right at the printer’s front side, and they’re easily accessible.

Moreover, the EcoTank ET-2720 has a maximum printing speed of 10 ppm, which should be enough for a small office environment. Not to mention, the EcoTank ET-2720 features auto-duplexing, making double-sided printing much more effortless.

Additionally, the Epson ET-2720 has a 1.44” color display that lets you access the printer’s settings and print directly on the printer. As for the connectivity compartment, the Epson EcoTank ET-2720 can print over USB, Ethernet, and using a Wi-Fi connection. You can even print documents with your voice using Alexa.


  • Low running costs
  • Supports auto-duplexing
  • Easily refillable ink bottles
  • Has a color display
  • Works with Alexa
  • Supports wireless printing


  • Unreliable Wi-Fi antenna
  • Limited input paper tray

Bottom Line

With low running costs, wireless printing, and auto-duplexing, the Epson EcoTank ET-2720 leaves little to be desired. 

7. Canon Pixma TS6320: Most Value

If there’s a Chromebook printer that you’d call luxurious, it’d be the Canon Pixma TS6320. It features a modern, flat navy-blue design that makes it a great addition to any contemporary interior decoration while providing value for the money. 

Furthermore, the 5-color ink cartridge system provides you with excellent print quality and color accuracy in both mono and color prints. Once a cartridge is empty, you can simply replace it without having to replace all the cartridges.

One cool feature of the TS6320 is the LED status bar that lets you check the print status from across the room. You may think that it’s not that big of a deal, but it actually makes a substantial difference in day-to-day use. You also get a 1.44” OLED display that gives you full control over the printer’s settings.

Moreover, the PIXMA TS6320 is equipped with dual sheet trays so that you can put your photo and plain paper separately. Not to mention, the printer works with Alexa, enabling you to print your documents with a simple voice command.

Connectivity-wise, the PIXMA TS6320 supports Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB. On top of that, it supports mobile printing. Even when it’s turned off, you can simply click “Print” on your smartphone, and the printer will print your documents by expanding the automatic paper tray.


  • Beautiful design
  • Dual sheet trays
  • 5-color individual ink cartridge system
  • Auto power on/off with an auto expandable paper tray
  • Wi-Fi support
  • Works with Alexa
  • LED touchscreen display and status bar


  • No flash drive support
  • Relatively expensive

Bottom Line

The Canon PIXMA TS6320 offers a premium design, excellent print quality, and dozens of features without costing a leg and an arm, making it an excellent bang for your buck.

8. HP LaserJet Pro M15w: Best Laser Printer

The last printer on our list is the HP LaserJet Pro M15w. Unlike the rest of the printers on the list, this one is a laser printer, and it made it to the list for multiple reasons. 

For starters, the LaserJet Pro M15w is one of the most compact laser printers out there, and it won’t take much space on your desk. Moreover, it’s capable of printing at a speed of 19 ppm, helping you maximize your office’s productivity. Not to mention, it has a 150-sheet input paper tray for less frequent sheet-feeding.

With the intuitive LED control panel, configuring your LaserJet Pro is made easy. And just like many other HP printers, this printer features an auto power on/off function that turns on your printer automatically when you need to print a document.

What’s more, the printer is compatible with Alexa, giving you the luxury of printing your documents with your voice. Plus, the HP LaserJet Pro M15w supports USB and Wi-Fi. Additionally, you can print from your mobile devices directly with Wi-Fi Direct without relying on an internet hotspot. You can also print using cloud services.


  • Compact design
  • Low running costs
  • Fast printing speed
  • Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct printing options
  • Auto power on/off
  • LED control panel
  • 150-sheet input paper tray


  • No scan or copy functions
  • Doesn’t support auto-duplexing
  • No Ethernet port

Bottom Line

If laser printers are your cup of tea, the HP LaserJet Pro M15w will make a great fit for your Chromebook. 

How to Pick a Printer for Your Chromebook

With so many printer models and manufacturers out there, choosing a printer for your Chromebook may not be as straightforward as you think. You need to keep in mind several factors to make sure that the printer is suitable for your needs, so keep reading.


Do you need a printer just for printing documents and photos? Or do you also need to scan or copy your sheets? If the answer to the latter question is yes, it might be a good idea for you to invest in an all-in-one printer.

All-in-one printers have a built-in flatbed scanner that allows you to scan and copy your sheets. Some all-in-one printers also have a fax function if you need it.

Additionally, you need to consider whether a laser or an inkjet printer is better for you. Inkjet printers are usually associated with higher running costs, but their initial price is lower than laser printers, in most cases.

On the other hand, laser printers tend to be more expensive, but running them doesn’t cost as much as inkjet printers. It’s also worth noting that laser printers excel when it comes to speed in comparison to inkjet ones.

Print Quality

Two factors influence print quality: color accuracy and resolution. Color accuracy is mainly dependent on the printer’s ink system. The more cartridges in your printer’s ink system, the more color-accurate your prints will be. On the other side of the coin, the print resolution is a factor of the printer’s print head.

Running Costs

Running costs are the hidden costs associated with buying a printer. A printer might be very cheap at first, but if it consumes a huge amount of ink, you’ll find yourself paying multiples of its initial price tag down the line. 

Before deciding on a printer for your Chromebook, make sure that you do a quick research on this particular printer’s ink cartridge costs and how much you’re going to need based on the number of documents or photos you print every month.

It’s also worth noting that some printers like the Epson EcoTank series have a refillable ink tank that can help you spend less on ink by refilling the tank instead of buying expensive ink cartridges. 

Moreover, some printers support ink replenishment services like Amazon Dash Replenishment and HP Instant Ink. These services offer ink cartridges at discounted prices. Not to mention, they’ll be delivered right to your doorstep once the smart chip inside your cartridges signals that the ink levels are low.


Chromebooks are compatible with both wired and wireless printers. However, wireless printing is almost always a better choice than wired printing. Getting a printer with a built-in Wi-Fi chip will make it easier for you to print from several devices without having to keep plugging and unplugging cables. 

However, in some cases, a wired USB or Ethernet connection can be a better choice if your Wi-Fi connection is unstable. Still, most wireless printers also support at least one wired connection, anyway.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Any Printer Work With Chromebook?

Most printers will work with Chromebook whether they use wireless or wired connectivity. However, Chromebooks don’t support Bluetooth printing, but it’s pretty rare for a printer only to support Bluetooth printing, anyway.

How Do I Set up a Printer on a Chromebook?

Setting up your new printer on your Chromebook is easier than you think. Here’s how you can get your printer up and running in a couple of minutes:

  • Plug in the printer to your Chromebook or connect it to the same network if it’s a wireless printer.
  • Open “Settings”.
  • Type “Printer” in the search box.
  • Select “Printers”, then click on the “Add Printer” button.
  • Choose your printer from the list of printers that appear.
  • Click “Add”.

What Printer Drivers Do I Need on My Chromebook?

There’s a high chance that your Chromebook is already configured for printing. However, in some cases, you may need to update your Chromebook’s printing drivers, especially if it’s an old model. If the method that we’ve discussed earlier isn’t working for you, you can download the “Wi-Fi printer driver for Chromebooks” app.

What Can I Use Instead of Google Cloud Print?

In January 2021, Google officially discontinued Google Cloud Print. A free alternative to Google Cloud Print that you can use on your Chromebook is PaperCut Mobility Print. Google actually recommends this cloud printing service as the best alternative to its cloud printing service.

Final Verdict

That’s it for now! We hope that our guide has helped you decide on a printer for your Chromebook. 

Still can’t make up your mind yet? Well, we can give you a few hints. The HP Envy 5055 seems like a solid all-around choice with its scan/copy functions, Wi-Fi connectivity, and HP Instant Ink support. It’s definitely one of the best printers for Chromebook.

Another excellent alternative for those who want a premium printer at an affordable price is the Canon Pixma TS6320. Featuring a sleek design coupled with some unique features like an LED status bar and an automatic paper tray, this one is a value pick.

If you prefer laser printers over inkjet ones, consider getting the HP LaserJet Pro M15w. It won’t take up much space on your desk, and it even supports Wi-Fi Direct.

Finally, for those who want to save on ink costs down the line, the Epson EcoTank ET-2720 is an excellent option.

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