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Nowadays, people are highly reliant on printers, especially in offices; you would be depending on your multifunctional printers for large-scale printing. Any faults in the way these work may affect your job. One of the most common problems that may occur to your printer is the printer spooler error, which will affect the performance of your printer badly.

Printer Spooler Error

Printer Spooler Error

A printer spooler is the software program that allows your printer to interact with your computer and also arranges your printing jobs in a queue. If there is a printer spooler error, you can see an error message. This message indicates that your printer spooler software has been corrupted, or has failed to interact properly with your computer.

Mostly, the printer spooler error can occur in printers that have been used over a long period of time, and also in printers that do large scale printing jobs. Common errors that may occur from your printer spooler are, “operation could not be completed” and “spooler subsystem app has encountered a problem and needs to close”. These problems occur mainly because of the spoolsv.exe file. It may either be corrupted or have some compatibility issues with the print management software.

Make sure that your printer is fitted with its own drivers, whenever you purchase it. These drivers play an important role in enabling the features of your printer. Moreover, choosing third-party spooler service may also create conflicts with your window’s generic spool service. This conflict will also result in printer spooler error.

When you encounter any of these errors, you must contact a professional right away, and fix it soon to save time and money. Even though there are many fixes and solutions for this printer spooler error, all of them are temporary. In some cases, these temporary fixes may make these errors worse, and you will have to change the whole unit. So, it is always best to consult professionals when you see any such issues, rather than fixing it yourself.

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