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Workarounds to Troubleshoot the No AirPrint Printers Found Error in iOS

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No AirPrint Printers Found Error

AirPrint lets users take printouts of photographs, emails, documents and web pages from compatible apps without having to install a driver for that in the Apple device but over private Wi-Fi. If you encounter a No AirPrint Printers Found error while printing from an iPad, iPhone, or other Apple device, ensure the printer is connected to the same private wireless network as the compatible device.

Verify the Apple device features the latest version of iOS or that you can install AirPrint update in iOS 4.2 or above. Besides that, ensure the application is compatible with the printing technology. Most of the inbuilt iOS apps support AirPrint including Safari browser, iWorks, and Photos app. However, if you are trying to AirPrint from a third-party app downloaded from App Store, ensure that it is compatible with the feature.

In order to know AirPrint compatibility in an app, open the email, web page, or photograph you need to print from an iPad, tap the Action icon or a print button and tap Print. In case you cannot see either of the buttons on iPad, then that means the application is not compatible with AirPrint.

Printer Spooler Error

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After that, crosscheck if the printer is AirPrint compatible as well. For that, you can either check the user manual of the printer or go to the manufacturer website. AirPrint is supported by default in most of the popular printer models so if you want to know compatibility, crosscheck the same in Apple support to see the listed printers that supports the feature.

In case you see No AirPrint Printers Found while trying to print in an iPad, reboot the printer and wait for the printer to reestablish wireless connectivity. Note that the error may pop up in iOS if you try to AirPrint before the wireless printer reboots and joins the private network as well. As a workaround, turn off the Airplane mode for three to five minutes in iPad and then enable it to see if that solves the error.

If that fails to solve it, move the Wi-Fi router up close the printer no more than 6 feet from the router. After that, clear any household items nearby the printer and the router that may interfere with wireless signals and connectivity like cordless telephones, and microwaves. Also, check whether the printer has enabled wireless. AirPrint feature is not backwards compatible with an older software or hardware, and one is yet to find a workaround in order to turn on backward compatibility.

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