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How to Troubleshoot Low Ink Error Message in Windows

Printer Spooler Error

Troubleshoot Low Ink Error

A low ink warning occurs despite the ink cartridge having sufficient ink for printing needs. Thus, the warning misleads a Windows user to think soon-to-be empty cartridge soon requires a replacement. However, much like temporary print spooler service not running issues, even troubleshooting a low ink warning is a matter of following some routine steps to bypass the low ink error in Windows 8. Follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned below to fix the issue.

  • Right-click on an empty space on desktop and select All Apps from the context menu.
  • Select the icon of the print application of your model of the printer being connected to the Windows computer. Else, you may have to select Printer Configuration from the menu that pops up on right-click.
  • Click Configuration on the toolbar of the application that comes bundled in the printer. Instead, if the printer app shows an option titled Estimated Ink Levels somewhere other than the toolbar, click it.
  • Wait until the Printer app confirms connection between the Windows PC and the printer device. Alongside that, the application would also double-check remaining ink levels.

Low Ink Error Message in Windows

You will come to know that if your inkjet printer model has sufficient ink or whether the warning was a perfunctory one being popped up much to your annoyance. If that is the case with the printer, following the advanced steps mentioned below for the misleading low ink warning.

  • Click Advanced Settings or a similar link that denotes the warning.
  • Choose Do Not Show the warning or any similar options that pops up automatically and then confirm the same following on-screen prompts, when the warning shows. After that, quit the printer application installed in Windows 8.

Manual Workaround to Reset the Printer

This seems to work in certain branded inkjet printers, so try it out to troubleshoot the low ink warning if other options fail. Note that it may pop up as low ink reminder, insufficient ink, or something like that. This step is done to soft reset the printer and clear its memory.

  • Press & hold down Reset button or Resume button on control panel of the printer for 10 seconds. It is easy to find this particular button, as a light would flash upon the warning on Windows.
  • When done, reconnect the printer to the PC and do a test print to confirm that the issues are resolved.

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