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Some Workarounds to Troubleshoot Incorrect Printouts in Windows PC

Printer Spooler Error

Troubleshoot Incorrect Printouts

If an error happens with documents being sent to the printer, it may cause scrambled text or unknown symbols to form on the printout. If this printing issue occurs repeatedly, the cable interface, its bundled software or the particular file you are trying to print may be to blame. Follow any of the below troubleshooting steps if your printouts turn out incorrectly.

Ensure Connections Work Fine

Firstly, try restarting both the PC and printer. Certain branded printers keep memory despite turning off, so you would have to unplug it from the wall socket and wait a few minutes prior to reconnecting it with the PC. Try taking a printout after establishing a new connection. If it fails to resolve the issue, try swapping the present USB cable that connects the printer to the PC. Make sure the labeling of the USB cable mentions it compatible with your printer. If you are using a USB hub to connect the printer to PC, unplug its cable and connect it to the USB port of the computer to rule out loose connections in the USB hub.

Install Latest Printer Drivers and Output Print Management Software

How To Fix Printer Spooler Error

Common Printer Issues

If bugs exist in either the printer driver or the software that has output print management capabilities, the printout may turn out incorrectly. If you install incorrect drivers for an unsupported printer or wrong OS update in the PC, it may cause this issue. So, it is best to download and install latest version driver of your printer model from its manufacturer website. Even if you have installed the latest printer driver in Windows, install it anyhow, since the update may have bug fixes that would replace corrupted files.

Change the File Font in Control Panel

A font file or a text document may render fine on the PC, but if it is corrupted, it may cause strange characters on the printout. To work around that, create a sample document with a distinct font and test print it. If it resolves the issue, change the font in the document you previously encountered strange characters to one that worked. However, if you cannot take a printout of any document in that specific font, navigate to Printer Properties and set its resolution to a lower one. If you still cannot print a document in that font, navigate to Fonts in Control Panel and try reinstalling it from its source.

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