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Some Workarounds to Avoid Slow Response Time in Network Printing

Print Spooler Service Not Running

Slow Response Time

A print spooler stores to-be-printed digital files on the disk prior to feeding print jobs into the printer at slow speeds in the background. A network printer responding slowly to print commands is a common occurrence. There are many workarounds to try, and fix slowness of network printing. If you are facing it on a version of Windows Server, firstly you will need to access properties of the printer driver and make sure the option to spool documents is enabled so as to enable spooler to complete printing fast.

Spooling print jobs to the queue may seem like adding up to the response time, but it can prevent bottlenecks in network printing. For that, you should enable the option that permits to begin printing soon after the last document gets spooled instead of the option to begin printing immediately. This is one of the best methods to overcome network printing delays in Windows Server, since it avoids splitting of print jobs in the midst of printing process. If you enable the option, it can avoid a print job sent from remote systems from taking up the time to spool. A print job may consist of a set of files.

Print Spooler Error

Boost Network Printing Speed

In the Printer Properties dialog box, also make it a point to select the option that lets print the spooled docs first. Enabling that option makes print jobs to have finished spooling to proceed with printing even as a print job is spooling in the print queue. It helps avoid smaller print jobs from lagging behind larger ones that takes longer to spool. If the response time of a network printer is on the slower side and the Windows Server is being accessed by several client systems, select this particular option to boost network printing speed.

Other than changing settings in the printer properties, there are more workarounds to try, and fix slow network printing issues. One such workaround is to connect hard disk drives specifically for print spooling instead of relying on a shared drive for that. This can be tried especially if a Windows Server is hosting network printers that are often used to take larger volume printouts. If budget permits purchasing it, it is recommended to add a hard disk drive to the server system. That can help amp up network printing and optimize the speed of spooling process.

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