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Solutions To Print Server Print Spooler Service Is Not Running

Print Spooler Service Is Not Running

Print Spooler Service Is Not Running

Problems with the print spooler service can cause stability issues like crashes and they can be frustrating when you want to do a print job. It manifests in different ways like print spooler error, the print queue locks up randomly, the print spooler service hangs taking down all the queues, etc. This can be due to heavy print or server load or even due to the specific print job. Most of the time these happen as a result of driver issues or bugs. The purpose of this article is to better understand print spooler crashes, read on to know more.

An Overview About Print Spooler Crashes

As mentioned earlier, most of the print spooler crashes are due to corrupt or bad drivers especially on Windows, this is because it has a monolithic architecture unlike other architectures like Linux. By this, we mean that it functions as a single process, hence the driver code is loaded into the spooler process address space. So, any issue with the driver code will not only crash the current job but all the queues or server spooler as a whole affecting all the printers.

Rendering Locally

The codes of printer drivers mainly deal with rasterizing/rendering into languages like a postscript, PCL, etc. So, if there is any bug it is most likely associated with this area. So, in a print server, the task of rendering is transferred to the workstation, this increases the stability of the server. Any issue with the rendering code of the driver will be limited only to the individual workstation and will not affect other printers.

Disable Bidirectional Support

If you are able to identify the print queue of a printer causing problems, then you can try turning off bidirectional support for the port, shared below are the steps to do it.

  • In the print server, select the Start button and open Settings.
  • In settings window select Printer and open Properties.
  • In the Properties window, select the Ports tab.
  • In it turn off Enable bidirectional support.

Good Drivers

Print Spooler Error

Print Spooler Error

The next way to avoid print spooler crashes is to use quality drivers from reliable vendors because one corrupt or bad driver can bring down the entire print server. If you identify or suspect that a particular printer driver is causing the issue, then host it on a different server.

If the print spooler service is not running due to a bad driver of one of the print queues, then you avoid by managing the Windows Driver isolation settings and shared below are the steps to do it.

  • Press Window key + R, in the Run dialog box type in “printmanagement.msc” and hit Enter key.
  • Select Drivers, scroll down to the driver that you want to manage, and right click on it.
  • Select one of the three driver isolations i.e. None, Shared, Isolated.

These are some of the ways you can resolve or avoid print spooler crash of print server, we hope that the aforementioned details were helpful to you.

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