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Quick Fixes for Resolving Slow Printer Speed

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Quick Fixes for Resolving Slow Printer Speed

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Resolving Slow Printer Speed

Most printers, whether inkjet or laser, can produce printouts of documents or images quickly. This is a major requirement when the printer is used in offices where high volumes of print are needed at rapid succession. A slow printer can become ineffective for meeting the demands of offices or institutions. A printer can slow down when used for a certain period, but in some cases, the slowdown can even affect new ones. Improper configuration or minor glitches can all contribute to slow printing speeds. Below are some quick fixes for resolving slow printer speeds.

High Quality Printing

Setting the printer to print in high quality can compromise the speed of printing. It can produce a quality and detailed image but falls short in the printing speed, which is vital when used in offices. Draft printing is the most appropriate for documents for producing fast printouts at the least expense of printer ink. For laser printers, varying the print quality by adjusting the quality setting to the lowest number will result in fast printing.

Wireless Connection

Establishing a wireless connection with the printer for obtaining printouts can affect the speeds compared to a USB or Ethernet connection. It can take more time to transfer the file over a wireless network since it is affected by the amount of traffic over the network and is subject to interference from objects in the room. Using a USB or Ethernet connection can help in quick transfer and printing of the documents.

Color Printing

Printer Spooler Error

Obsolete Drivers

The use of color ink can cause a slowdown in the speeds of the printer. It takes more time since the colors need to be combined in a precise manner to produce the printouts. By switching to black and white prints, the time taken for printing is reduced considerably. Besides, it will also reduce the ink utilized for the printing thus enabling the cartridge to be used for longer before it is refilled or replaced.

Obsolete Drivers

Another common reason for slow printing speed is due to obsolete drivers. They can prevent the printer from functioning properly thus resulting in slow printing speeds. Updating the printer’s drivers is one way to quickly resolve this issue and restore the printing speed. Printer manufacturers release new and updated drivers periodically. Downloading these driver updates can help regain the printing speeds and fix any errors as well.

Bulk Printing

Bulk sending of documents printing is another key reason for a printer slowdown. A printer requires some time to process the document sent to it for printing and bulk printing can make it longer for it to process and print the documents. For printing many documents, it is better to send them in batches, as it allows the printer to process them appropriately and print quickly.

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