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Manual Troubleshoots to Easily Clear Paper Jams on a Laser Printer

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Manual Troubleshoots to Easily Clear Paper Jams on a Laser Printer

Printer Issues

Easy Clear Paper Jams

When the feeding paper gets stuck inside a laser printer during printing, paper jams will occur and stop the process. This will make the printer push out the paper, which will leave users with a crumpled paper sheet containing misalignments and smudgy pigments. If it happens in your printer, look for a blinking light on the device followed by a message on the screen of the connected computer. Below are some troubleshooting tips to clear paper jams on a laser printer.

Follow Guidelines Given in the User Manual of the Printer

Some users tend to clear the error by opening the printer and taking out the paper in order to retry printing. The manufacturer would most certainly give you info on how to pull out the paper on the user manual of the laser printer. Look for precautions before you head to manual procedure to clear the paper jams.

Continue with Precautions

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Common Printer Issues

Let the laser printer cool off by turning off the device since they have fusers providing heat for printing. If paper jam occurs close to the fuser, it will be wise to wait as a word of caution. Your printer may be the most recently purchased, but maintenance always necessitates especially when printer issues pop up unexpectedly.

Get to the Manual Process

Usually, paper jams inside the laser printer occurs in both paper feeding trays and output trays, on the fusers, toner cartridges, or other places where the paper makes contact with the roller. Open the door of the printer to access the stuck paper, and have a look inside to know where exactly the paper is stuck. Grab the toner cartridge handle and then pull it out gently in order to see if paper may have jammed around it. If so, replace the cartridge once you clear the paper.

Put out the Jammed Paper Sheets

Go gently on the paper as well as on the laser printer while doing this step. To ensure that no damages occur to the printer, try to take out the paper in the same direction it feeds paper. Pulling paper in the wrong direction may damage the functionality of the printer. Further, be mindful of the fact that no paper bits are left inside the device to avoid a reoccurrence of errors or any potential damages. Once you are done clearing paper jams inside the laser printer, turn on the device and wait until it resets automatically before you start printing again.

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