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How to Troubleshoot Wireless Printer Having Network Connectivity Errors

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How to Troubleshoot Wireless Printer Network Connectivity Errors

Troubleshoot Wireless Printer

Network Connectivity Errors

If users skip configuring network settings such as IP address when setting up their wireless printer for the first time, printing errors may occur during usage. Wireless printers are best configured in static IP, as Windows won’t receive timely information when the dynamic IP changes. This will cause connectivity errors and printing issues in Windows PC connected to your home network. This is why you may need to configure a static IP in the system. Follow the below steps to troubleshoot wireless printer facing network connectivity errors.

Select a Valid Internet Protocol Address for your Wireless Printer

Firstly, you need to sign in to the wireless router. For that, launch a browser in your Windows PC and enter the dynamic IP in the address bar of the browser. Once you log in to your router, find the DHCP Server and select Start IP Address.

Have a look at the Maximum Number of DHCP Users and add that number to the final two digits of your Start IP and a further two. For instance, if the IP ends in 50 and the no of server users 20, then the final two digits of your new static IP will be 72. You should also keep the other portions of the IP starting with 192 as the same and only change the final two digits.

Configure the Static IP with your Printer

Troubleshoot Printer

Valid Internet Protocol Address

Select Display Wireless Summary by navigating through Settings on the display of your wireless printer. The navigation path might be Setup > Network > View Network Settings > Display Wireless Summary in your printer. After that, open the browser in the PC, enter the new IP on the address bar and press Enter on the keyboard. This will lead you to the web server of your printer. Look for Wireless under Connections in the server’s page, select IP Configuration, and follow the below steps.

  • Choose Manual IP Address and enter the new address, which you configured for your printer. Enter 255.255.0 in Manual Subnet Mask and the IP of your wireless router in Manual Default Gateway.
  • Enter 4.4.4 in Manual Preferred DNS Server and in Manual Alternative DNS Server. You can skip this step if you do not receive firmware updates when your wireless printer is online, and instead check Automatic DNS Server.
  • Save the settings.

To troubleshoot wireless printer network connectivity error fully, you need to enter the static IP in printer driver’s port. For that, right click on the printer name, choose Properties, and enter the details in the designated section.

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