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How to Set Printing Orientation Settings in Windows 7

Print Spooler Service Not Running

Printing Orientation Settings

Most of the printers print from top to bottom by default, but you can customize the printing orientation setting in Windows 7 PC. In order to match wide spreadsheets or photos, you may have to change the setting in landscape mode instead of default portrait orientation to print sideways, so that the printout has all portions covered.

The portrait orientation setting aligns the print preview vertically; hence, the printout will adhere to that with a paper that is taller than it is wider. Change the setting to landscape mode in Windows, so that the paper gets horizontally aligned and the printout comes out correctly.

You can either change the printing orientation setting as per need or set Landscape orientation as the default. In addition to that, many software programs give their own customizable settings to change the orientation so you change the preference. Most of such programs that enable printing open a Print Preview page. The program may allow you to change portrait to vertical prior to printing the page.

Selecting Printer Preferences in Windows 7 brings up the preferences for the printer you chose. Opening the preferences from a completely different software program only goes to change the settings for a present printing session.

Printer Spooler Error

Selecting Printer Preferences

The next time you try to print from the same program, the default orientation gets restored. In case the default settings have been changed by somebody else to print a wide photo, you may need to repetitively adjust the same while printing a standard invoice on an A4 sheet. To make the portrait orientation the default again, click Start and navigate to Devices and Printers.

Now spot your printer in the subsequent window, right-click on it and choose Printer Preferences in Windows. Changing the printing orientation in this portion and not in the software program will make the new setting the default one. Assuming you will print invoices from top to bottom, choose Portrait.

Moreover, most of the programs allow you to tweak the orientation while printing a document. Although, the printer settings may be rightly configured to take a portrait printout, the program may be configured to print in landscape. Such settings in a software program are usually changed by navigating to a Page Layout menu and then spotting the Orientation setting.

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