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How to Save Ink on an Inkjet Printer for Monochrome Printing Needs

Print Spooler Service Not Running

Print on Economical Mode

Nothing else helps people in an office to shrink the printing budget than savings on ink cartridges. Since the lifespan of an inkjet printer cartridge tends to be short, refilling it is something common but its print quality takes a beating after several refills. That is why users need workarounds to save the ink levels in the cartridge used to print monochrome documents in particular. If you are printing a black and white document containing only text, there are methods to earn savings on ink as follows.

Print on Economical Mode

An option to choose Economical Printing mode for printing, preferably text-only docs, is tucked away in the Properties or the Printing Preferences menu. You need to configure it in Windows printer to earn savings. Note that while printing images on photo quality paper in this particular mode, the ink begins to fade gradually so it is advisable to choose this mode for printing monochrome documents.

Use Ink Saving Fonts

Printer Spooler Error

Configure Grayscale Setting

Printing in fonts such as Calibri and Times New Roman will consume ink only to an extent. Besides that, using fonts that claim to save ink will come in handy especially while printing documents on a tight budget at the office. Certain fonts such as Eco Sans and Century Gothic are also ideal for that. What’s more, you can download and install these fonts in Windows PC without much effort.

Configure Grayscale Setting

In case your inkjet printer runs out of standard black ink, then you can configure this setting to print documents using color ink cartridges. To launch Printing Preferences of a connected printer in Windows 7, press down Ctrl key, Shift key, and P simultaneously on the keyboard. When Printing Preferences dialog box pops up, navigate to the Features tab and click on Print in Grayscale under the Color Options heading. Note that these steps may vary according to the inkjet printer model but most printers will have the option to configure the setting.

There is a chance the ink cartridge may dry up or it may necessitate a refilling. In which case, the color cartridges installed in the printer can bail you out. Now you know how to save ink simply by optimizing the right Printing Preferences settings for printing documents filled with strings of text.

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