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How to Install Printer Software

How To Fix Printer Spooler Error

Install Printer Software

Printers are essential in offices these days. However, setting one up can be hard if you do not know what you are doing, or how to fix printer spooler error. What you need to know is that there is a software that allows the printer to be controlled easily, but this has to be installed first. This holds true for almost any type of printer, from specialist photo printers, to technical plotters. Following are five of the things you should do.

Read the Manual

You will not believe how many people skip this step and rush on to installing or connecting parts. The manual is there for a reason. You will need to follow what it says. Aside from specific instructions on how to get the most out of the machine, you can also get the specifications of your printer from this small book.

Connect the Computer and the Printer

With most printer brands, there are two ways that you can connect the printer. One is through a wireless connection, while the other is through a USB connection. Either way, you should make sure that the connection is made, or else the printer will not work.

Turn on the Printer

Printer Brands

Slow Printing Problems

This explains itself. No one needs to be told that a device that runs on power must first be switched on for it to work. Ensure that you plug the printer into the correct power source, and that it is getting the correct voltage, so it does not fry.

Wait for the Operating System to Recognize the Program

The printer software can be installed after downloading it or transferring it to your computer from the disc given with the package. At this point, the computer’s operating system will begin to automatically detect whether the two are compatible with each other. Sometimes they are, and sometimes they are not.

Install the Printer Software

After the OS detects the software or the program that you have connected, you will see some instructions on the screen. Other than that, you will also see terms and conditions from the manufacturer. After accepting these, hit Install and wait for the time it takes for the program to become fully functional.

After you install the printer software, it is possible to send commands from your computer to the printer. This can be for operations including cleaning, scanning, copying, and printing. Just be sure to note down the license key of the software after buying it.

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