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How to Fix RDP Printer Redirection Not Working Error on Windows Server 2012

Print Spooler Service Not Running

Printer Redirection Issue

Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol offers a graphical UI to help users connect their computer to a different PC over a Wide Area Network. For this purpose, RDP software is installed in both the host server and remote computer of users. Since RDP relies so much on WAN connections, especially in Distributed Computing Environments, it makes WAN a single point of failure. This will also lead to RDP printing errors.

RDP environments do offer a set of advantages to users including centralized and flexible printing options. However, it can potentially lead to hold-ups in this type of network printing that end users may not want.

RDP Printer Redirection Not Working in Windows Server 2012

To troubleshoot this issue, it is essential to get know how RDP printer redirection in Windows Server 2012 works. In RDP printer redirection, servers first get queries from printer drivers installed on the remote system or from the system client. All these queries will be shown as a list of local printers on the server. Subsequently, the server redirects queried print queues inside the remote session in WAN. When the server fails, it leads to the hold-up in the redirected printing process in Windows Server 2012.

Troubleshoots for RDP Printer Redirection Not Working

Printer Spooler Error

Flexible Printing Options

There are 3 steps to troubleshoot remote desktop printer redirection failure. Try any of the below methods to fix the same.

  • Make sure server has not disabled the local printers. For that, navigate to open the screen of Remote Desktop Connection and under Local Devices and Resources check to see if Printers checkbox has a checkmark.
  • Confirm Windows Server settings are right. For that, navigate to Manager > Remote Desktop Services > Collections > Tasks and click on Edit Properties Then, navigate to Client Settings and check to see if Windows Printer is selected in order to enable printer redirection.
  • Reinstall printer drivers on the server system. In most instances, the RDP printer redirection fails to work if the printer drivers on the server are not installed rightly. If the system admin distributes RDP faultily, it may happen. If that is the case, crosscheck both user permissions and system permissions by navigating to c:\windows\system32\spool and provide accesses to both.

If you are still unable to fix the Remote Desktop Printer redirection not working error, contact tech professionals for advanced assistance with the issue.

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