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How to Clear Stuck Print Jobs in Print Queue in Windows PC

How To Fix Printer Spooler Error

Clear Stuck Print Jobs

A printer may stop functioning unexpectedly due to several reasons, including stuck print jobs. If a system’s hardware is working fine and yet printing will not work, first you have to clear print jobs stuck in the spooler.

When users sent multiple files to a network PC, the print queue keeps a list of printing tasks being requested and the respective data of such files in a temporary storage area in a system’s memory called as a print spool. This way, once a shared printer completes a print job, the system sends the next one in the queue from the print spool. If this queue gets backlogged due to sending plenty documents for printing, first you would have to clear the print queue on Windows instead of the printer’s inbuilt memory.

Note that a networked laser printer of a particular brand may also have inbuilt memory. To cancel print jobs from the queue, open Devices and Printers in Control Panel on Windows 7 or later, right-click on the respective printer icon, and select See What’s Printing. Then open the Printer menu, choose Cancel All Documents, and click Yes to confirm the same. It should clear in seconds but if some jobs backlog in the print queue, restart the computer to clear its memory.

Print Spooler Error

Common Printer Issues

Yet again, if the printer will not function despite canceling print jobs and restarting Windows PC, you would have to clear the printer’s active memory. For that, switch off the printer and unplug it from the wall socket. Leave the printer like that for 60 seconds prior to plugging it back on to ensure its inbuilt memory loses power. Once you turn it back on, wait until the printer completes startup and Windows detects the hardware, prior to sending new print jobs.

A high-end printer saves set-up info to a memory that lasts even if users unplug it. Such information may comprise of paper and network settings. Clearing such permanent memory by rebooting the printer by pressing dedicated a button would revert the printer settings to factory defaults. This is known as a Hard Reset. You can restart the printer to clear its inbuilt memory and troubleshoot lingering or backlogging data. Use it as a last resort only if canceling print jobs and restarting the system fails to clear stuck print jobs.

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