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How to Clean a Clogged Printer Head

Clean a Clogged Printer Head

Automatic Print Head Cleaning

There are several reasons why a printer outputs low quality or blotched printouts. Clogged print heads are one reason that results in the microscopic nozzles of the cartridges to become blocked thus preventing the proper delivery of ink onto the paper. This causes the prints to appear faded or even missing in some areas, which can be frustrating especially if the printer is used in offices.

The print heads can get clogged if the printer is not used for a long time and if the ink dries up and blocks the nozzles. There are several ways to clean a clogged printer head and resume normal printing; below are some effective steps that you can try.

Running Automatic Print Head Cleaning

All printer manufacturers include a program along with the printer software that allows the user to clean the print heads automatically. This utility program can trigger the head nozzles to fire at random that will normally clear of any blocks in the head and restore normal ink flow.

For this, go to the printer’s utility program and select from any of the head cleaning methods by following the onscreen instructions properly. After the automatic cleaning is done, print a test page to determine whether the print heads are functioning normally and repeat the process if the printouts still remain faded, unclear or blotched.

Using Window Cleaner for Installed Print Heads

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Window cleaner is an effective solution that can help restore the normal ink flow on installed print heads. First, turn off the printer and remove the malfunctioning cartridge from the head. Apply a small amount of window cleaner on the nozzle of the cartridge by using an eyedropper.

Then fix the cartridge back into the printer and run the automatic head cleaning utility of the printer. Apply the window cleaner on the nozzle if the head is still clogged. Repeat the process by running the head cleaning utility again to clear of the blocked nozzles.

Manually Cleaning Cartridge Print Heads

Cleaning the print cartridge heads manually can usually resolve the issue of clogged heads. For this, take out the affected cartridge and gently wipe the print head and nozzle with a cotton swab dipped in glass cleaner solution. Lightly rub the moist cotton swab on the print head in repeated action for unclogging the heads.

Then fix the cartridge back into the printer and run the automatic print head cleaning. Do a test print and if the printer head is still clogged, soak the nozzle portion of the cartridge in a small bowl of glass cleaner for a few hours. Attach the cartridge back and then run the automatic head cleaning utility to restore the print heads.

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