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Fix “Printer Spooler Not Running” Error

Local Printer Spooler Service Is Not Running

Local Printer Spooler Service Is Not Running

Have you ever come across a message “Printer spooler not running”? What did you do to get the printer working again? Most importantly, why is the printer spooler service not running? Errors like these are common and the solution to fix them is quickly available on the internet.

Most of the errors in printing occur due to issues related to Windows. Windows handles all the printing commands and shows errors when it gets stuck. Most of the errors are associated with the spooler service.

What Is Printer Spooler Service?

Printer spooler service manages the different print requests by sending it to the printer one by one. When the printer spooler does not work, the printer will not receive the printing commands. It works with two software spoolss.dll and spoolsv.exe in Windows.

How Do You Know When The Printer Spooler Is Not Working?

Given below is the list of messages that will be shown in your printer spooler service is not running.

  • Local printer spooler service is not running. Please restart the spooler.
  • Start the spooler service first, then try printing again.
  • The printer spooler service can’t start.
  • The printer spooler is not working.
  • Printer Spooler service getting the error message while printing.
  • The printer spooler won’t start.

Rarely, spooler issues can cause your printer to not respond without showing any messages.

How To Correct The Printer Spooler Service?

To fix the printer spooler service, follow the below.

Get the latest version of a printer spooler repair tool which is usually free and it will in default reset the printer spooler service. All you to do is run the printer spooler repair tool once it is installed. And guide the software to fix the printer spooler. Wait for a message showing the process is complete before you close the tab.

Restart the computer after the printer spooler repair tools have finished fixing the printer spooler services.

What Type Of Error Can This Utility Fix?

Printer Spooler Service Not Running

Printer Spooler Service Not Running

Printer spooler repair tool can fix Printer service error 1053, Printer service error 1068, and Printer service error 1058. It will also solve the “Printer spooler not working” and the “Printer spooler service can’t start”.

Why Does The Printer Spooler Services Stop Working?

The reason why your printer spooler services are not working might be because of a malware attack. Printer spoolers are vulnerable to viruses and Trojans, making it a hotspot to corrupt. This malware can easily spread through print spooler services since they are connected to a large number of users. It is safe to be prepared and to prevent any potential problems by enabling an antivirus software.

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