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How to Fix the “Printer Needs User Intervention” Error

Local Print Spooler Service Is Not Running

Common Printer Issues

Most businesses as well as individuals consider computer printers as a necessary device. Printers have helped most of us to easily print hundreds of personal and work related documents every day. However, just like other electronic devices, computer printers also tend to experience a few errors and issues often.

Common printer errors, such as print spooler keeps stopping and local print spooler service is not running, affects hundreds of computer users on a daily basis. The good news is that most of these common printer issues can be fixed through basic troubleshooting steps.

The “printer needs user intervention” error is one of the most frustrating printer errors. If you are experiencing this error, then an error message will appear on the top panel display of your printer or in the dialog box. Below are a few simple yet effective printer troubleshooting steps that might help you to fix the issue.

Restart the Print Job

  • Tap on the Windows key on your keyboard and then type in Devices and Printers in the search box. Hit the Enter key to proceed.
  • You will now need to select the Devices and Printers option from the list of options.

Device And Printers

  • Click on the name of your active printer and then select the See what’s printing
  • Right click on the print job that you wish to restart. Scroll through the context menu until you see a Restart option and then click on it.

Restart Printing

You will now need to run a test print job to see if the “printer needs user intervention” error is fixed. If not, try the next troubleshooting method.

Uninstall Printer Driver

  • Click on the Start button, type in Device Manager in the search box, and then tap on the Enter
  • Select Device Manager from the list of options and scroll through until you see the Printers
  • Click on Printers, right click on your printer, and then choose the Uninstall option from the context menu. Confirm your decision by clicking on the OK

Uninstall Printer Driver

  • When done, restart the computer to reinstall the printer drivers on your PC automatically.

In most cases, uninstalling the printer driver fixes local print spooler service is not running error and other printer errors. As said, Windows will automatically reinstall the printer drivers when you restart your PC. However, if this does not happen, get in touch with a printer tech support team for advanced troubleshooting.

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