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5 Reasons Why Inkjet Printers Stop Printing

Printer Troubleshooting

Printer Troubleshooting Tips

Inkjet printers are widely used in homes and offices for a variety of printing purposes. They offer quality and detailed prints in color and grayscale because of which they are used as an alternative to the more expensive laser printers. However, an inkjet printer is prone to numerous failures and issues just like any other printers.

Sometimes, the printer may stop printing altogether and carrying out a printer troubleshooting will help identify the causes of the issue. The malfunctioning of inkjet printers can result from several issues such as the printer mechanism, software driver issues, poor connectivity, and other such problems. Below are 5 reasons why inkjet printers stop printing.

Ink Cartridges

The primary reason for an inkjet printer to stop printing is due to issues with the cartridges. If the cartridges are low in ink, it can result in low-quality prints or no printing at all. In some cases, the printing may show irregularities caused due to an improper alignment of the cartridges. The ink inside the cartridges may also dry out when not used for extended periods thus preventing printing.

Paper Jams

Printer Issues

Inkjet Printers Issues

The occurrence of paper jams can also prevent an inkjet printer from carrying out printing. The paper can get jammed inside the feed rollers that will cause the printer to temporarily cease the printing function. Paper bits that get stuck inside the printer can also cause it to stop printing.

Driver Issues

Driver issues are the other main reason for an inkjet printer to stop printing. It is an important constituent of the printer and facilitates the printer and computer to communicate with each other. Drivers that are corrupted, outdated or incompatible can result in a failure of communication with the computer thus resulting in the printer to stop printing.

Hardware Failures

An issue with the printer hardware can also cause it to stop printing. In most cases, the failure occurs mostly in the print head mechanism, which is responsible for moving the head back and forth. The electronic circuits that regulate the operation of this mechanism can also fail in old printers that result in printing failure.

Connectivity Problems

In some offices, the inkjet printers are connected to a network so that every computer can use it for printing purposes. This is done by connecting the printer to a network or computer and then sharing it across the rest of the computers. Any issues with the network such as turning off or disabling the connection can make the printer inaccessible thus preventing printing.

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