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2 Common Issues with Print and Apply Label Applicators

Local Print Spooler Service Is Not Running

Apply Label Applicators

For a print and apply labeling system, an automated label applicator is far from perfect. From time to time, such printing systems dispense labels with low print quality or ones that are not applied correctly on a product package. Oftentimes, there are solutions to fix such kinds of issues that do not necessitate plenty of time or upkeep cost to fix.

Labels Curling Up inside the Applicator

Such print and apply label dispensing issues occur in label applicators that use elongated labels, especially ones that are more than five inches long. Just as the device gets up close to the label roll’s core, one may happen to see the labels curled up rending them near impossible to apply rightly on a package.

As the cause of labels curling up inside the label applicator, it is safe to assume that its vacuum system holding labels are broken or that the adhesive is of poor quality. However, instead of second-guessing the worst possible scenario, it is best to try some solutions.

In case you apply the labels with hands, peel the labels from the top to the bottom instead of peeling it off from one end to the other. If that fails to fix labels curling up the next you use the device to apply labels, it is likely the root cause of the label printing issue probably lies with the core diameter of the label roll.

Print Spooler Service Not Running

Remove Labels From Liner

Labels usually come to the market on a three inches core diameter roll and in case you use labels that are five inches or more, you may have to make use of a core diameter that is larger than three inches in order to fix labels curling inside the label applicator.

Tough to Remove Labels from the Liner

There are some underlying causes to this issue in label printing with applicators. To know the reason, see to it whether an issue persists with the die strike from the machine. To test if the die strike works fine, highlight a label cutting line using a marker. Even if that causes a noticeable black line on the ‘die cut’, the die strike is certainly cutting deeper than needed. It may also point fingers to the die strike not cutting through label adhesive fully.

Another cause of not being to peel off the label is due to stiffened label liner. Either it is excessively thick for a peel bar of a print and apply label applicator or too thin.

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