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What You Need to Know about HostSailor’s DDoS Protection


DDoS Attack Protection

HostSailor protects their dedicated servers shared hosting servers and VPSs from DDoS attacks. The web host started in 2014, and it has been offering DDoS protection to those who subscribe to their packages a few years after its inception. In addition to dedicated server and shared hosting services, it specializes in virtual private server hosting. In all these services, they are offering add on features including DDoS protection. HostSailor also offer add-ons such as domain name registration and SSL certificates, priding themselves on personalized solutions and client centric approach.

SSL certificates encrypt transactions that take place between a web browser or client app and the server of a web store. DDoS protection is another service that brings security to user data.

HostSailor DDoS Protection

DDoS stands distributed denial of service, which is a malicious act tried to make a server inaccessible by flooding it with vast amounts of traffic from many sources. You must have come across the news of websites brought down by cyber attackers. Usually, a DDoS attack is the method used to do that.

DDoS attackers use PCs and other hardware, which have been made weaker by cyber threats, to their maximum advantage. At the same time, the compromised hardware units divert traffic to a web server. As a result of the malicious activity, authorized users will not be able to access the compromised devices or resources. Because of DDoS attacks, servers cannot tell compromised traffic from legitimate traffic because of the volume of traffic received. These attacks in effect slow down the website/s hosted on that server targeted by the malicious people.

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Shared Hosting Services

This web host keeps you secure from all kinds of distributed denial of service threats. Their DDoS protection makes sure a service that is effective and is not disruptive. It can protect customers against numerous threats such as web attack anomaly filtering web attack worm attack and/or Trojan attack. It is possible to mitigate as much as 20 Gbps DDoS attack traffic, so your website stays accessible and safe.

Downtime is one of the main issues caused by DDoS attacks. Businesses cannot afford to have downtime because this can bring about considerable financial loss. Even a few minutes of downtime in a year can lead to some financial loss for them. Businesses can also lose customers due to this. With HostSailor’s DDoS protection, business clients need not put in additional efforts to ensure this does not happen.

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